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Project Pencils


If you would like to get involved in Project Pencils then we would love your support. Please get in touch so together we can help change lives!


Travellers Wanted!

Are you travelling overseas or to some cold places in Australia? Think you might have a spare kilo or two in your suitcase? Want to make a difference as you travel?


Please let us know and we will provide you with some travel pencil packs or knitting packs, and some beautiful people at the other end, delighted to receive it from you. 

Project Pencils - [current]

Project Pencils takes your new, used and discarded pencils and gives them a new life to those in need. We re-bundle and re-purpose them to give disadvantaged children an opportunity to learn, grow, create and ultimately "change the colour of their world."


It's easy to get involved, just donate us your used pencils, pencil cases, crayons, grey leads, calculators, rulers, erasers, sharpeners, exercise books and more* - we can find a home for them all. 

*NO TEXTAS - The ink often dries before it reaches its destination or shortly after AND we try to distribute as little 'plastic' as possible. THANK YOU.

Project Knitting for Nepal

In 2018 Lion Heart ran a knitting campaign, inviting knitters of all ages to knit, crochet and create to help keep children warm in Nepal. The response and kindness was overwhelming with an estimated 500kg of knitted clothing items made and donated. 


This year in 2019, volunteers at Lion Heart have been busy packaging the items into 'travel packs' for travelers to tuck into their luggage when they visit Nepal, Bhutan and other cold Himalayan countries. 

Once the knitting arrives in Nepal, it will be prepared for the journey by jeep and then on foot to remote villages in the Himalayas where it will be distributed to schools and families who are without warm clothing during the cold winter months. 

"If you can't feed a hundred people, 

then feed just one."

- Mother Teresa