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Project Knitting for Nepal PHASE 1 - drawing to a close...

November 22, 2018

THE first phase of Project Knitting for Nepal is drawing to a close. Our most popular Lion Heart project yet, Project Knitting for Nepal brought together knitters, crocheters and creative makers from all over Australia and the world, in a common purpose and heart… to make warm clothing for children and families in Nepal.

Having been to Nepal three times and lived there for a period, I have seen how few material items the people of Nepal sometimes live with. This has made no difference to their levels of happiness, generosity, warmth and quality of spirit! The Nepalese are a people unique and rich in ways where western societies have fallen short.

The Nepalese people capture and proclaim a raw beauty in their love of family and community, a resilience in the face of hardship, and a commitment to their culture, religion and purpose. WE, from a western existence, can learn a lot from them, our fellow human kind.

But many families, particularly in the rural and Himalayan regions of Nepal, endure cold winters every year without the luxury of their own slippers, a beanie or a blanket. Their tenacity and fortitude means that they live through these winters year after year, without complaint. But we wanted to do something nice for these children, these families... something that might help them feel a little warmer, a little more comfortable and a little more connected to the endless love and care that thrives in the hearts of good people, all over the world.

So we knitted beanies. And socks and jumpers and scarves and gloves. You, our amazing, generous knitting and creative community, all over Australia and the world, responded to the call for warmth with such enthusiasm and kindness! We received tons of knitting!! Several packages of these knitted items have already been delivered to Nepal and Bhutan, a close, Himalayan country, and have been very gratefully received!!

This response and gesture from the people of Tasmania, Australia, Canada, the UK and everywhere else that sent us messages and knitting, is a statement of sincere care and grace.

And as these beanies and mittens are distributed throughout Nepal, Bhutan and similar countries in need, this message of connection will follow. Not only will a child have their very own, warm beanie, they will also have in their hands, a work of art from a talented creator, miles away; a work of love from another person, from a different country, a different community, speaking a different language…..but with the same heart.

Our countries have been brought closer through this project, not geographically, but through understanding, appreciation and gratitude. When we do something for someone else, we get something back. The greatest reward comes not from getting something… but in giving something away. We need the people of Nepal as much as they need us.

Project Knitting for Nepal closes officially on 30th November 2018. We will no longer be able to accept donations after this date, as our attentions will then be turned to distributing the knitted items that we have received.

From all of us at Lion Heart, THANK YOU SO MUCH, for being a part of Project Knitting for Nepal. Thank you for the time you dedicated to knitting and crocheting, to spreading awareness and for fundraising. Thank you for your kind donations of hand-made clothing, of sponsorship to help fund delivery, and for personally delivering these knitted items on your travels. You’ve made a real difference.


“We ourselves feel that what we are doing is just a drop in the ocean. But the ocean would be less because of that missing drop.” – Mother Teresa


If ever we open another knitting project, we’ll be sure to let you know. But for now, I hope you enjoyed being a part of Project Knitting for Nepal and if ever you want to get in touch, please feel free. You can reach us at info@lionheartcouragetothrive.com


Stay courageous,



Sarah Bosch

Volunteer Founder & CEO - Lion Heart


EMAIL. info@lionheartcouragtothrive.com

WEB. www.lionheartcouragetothrive.com 

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'Courage to Thrive'