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About Us

Sarah Bosch


Lion Heart

Volunteer Founder & CEO


Police Officer

Public Speaker

PTS Advocate

How it all started!


When Tasmania Police Officer, Sarah Bosch, travelled to Nepal in 2017, she took 10kg of coloured pencils with her, that were donated from Pencils Community. Upon arrival, she gave them to a beautiful Nepalese charity group working to re-establish schools destroyed in the 2015 earthquakes. The experience left an impression on Sarah and she returned to Tasmania inspired.


After being confronted with challenges in her work, serious enough to induce post-traumatic stress, Sarah realised her experience in Nepal, of giving the simple gift of a pencil to someone in need, provided her with a new sense of purpose and passion. “When you give to someone, you get something back.”

Now, Lion Heart provides support and opportunities for individuals to explore new or renewed purpose and passion in their lives, to be inspired through giving, and to THRIVE!

Sarah's inspirational talk about the moment her life changed forever...

When Tasmania Police Officer, Sarah Bosch, first began her career in the police service, she never thought in her wildest imagination that this would happen to her...WATCH and be MOVED and then INSPIRED!